Community Access and Courtesy Patrol

Richwoods is not intended to be secure community. The gates, fences and walls do not guarantee to keep unwanted individuals out. Instead these features only serve to reduce the risk of crimes against person and property. It is up to the property owners to take further steps to secure and monitor their home. 


The entry gates are intended to help reduce, not prevent, access to the community. When the gates are closed, guests are to access through the guardhouse at the Kelmscot gate. The keypads at the entrances are not operational. The gates are operated by the use of toll tags or Richwoods access tags. The following is the schedule for the gates:

  • Kelmscot Gate Opens:7:00AM Closes: 7:30PM
  • Daybreak Ridge Gate: Closed 24 Hours
  • College Gate Opens: 7:00AM Closes: 7:30PM
To gain access to the gates, use the Online Toll Tag Submittal Form. Staff does not grant access to vehicles which are not registered to a home within Richwoods. A registration check will be conducted 30 days after the vehicle is granted access.

 If you are having trouble accessing the gate after you have registered your toll tag with the office:

  1. Call NTTA at 972-818-6882 and ask if they are billing your account off of your toll tag or your license plate. You would not know it if they used your license plate since NTTA does not notify you of a bad toll tag. If they are using your license plate, request a new toll tag.
  2. Come into the office to verify your toll tag number.Bring a picture of the toll tag numbers.  
  3. If the tag number is the same as what we have in our database, we will connect you to our gate vendor where they will set up an appointment to meet with you and review different variables to make the tags work.

Guests may access any gates that are open during the day. After the gates are closed, they must access the community only through the guest drive-up at the Kelmscot guardhouse. Owners are to enter their guests onto You are given access to this website when you register your car and pick up your amenity center keys. 

If you have a taxi, UBER, LYFT or delivery service coming after the gates are closed, instruct them to come through the guardhouse drive-up on Kelmscot. Call the guardhouse at 214-705-1127 to let them know to expect the taxi, UBER, LYFT or delivery service.

Courtesy Patrol

Allied Universal was employed in an effort to deter illegal activity by monitoring the community nightly from 3:00pm-6:00am. In addition to this they are manning the gatehouse located on Kelmscot Drive overnight from 6:00pm to 6:00am. This will help to provide not only a presence, but another set of watchful eyes in the community. 
Should you witness something that you feel is a crime or a medical emergency, call 911 to have police respond. Do not call the guardhouse first. You can contact them after you make the call to the police to let them know. Anytime you see or hear anything which you feel should be checked out, contact the gate attendant on duty by calling the gatehouse at 214-705-1127.