Park Rules

Any persons deemed to display destructive or uncooperative behavior may be removed from fields/parks and lose amenity privileges and/or face prosecution.

The following are prohibited without prior approval, in writing, from the HOA:

  • Sale of food, drink, merchandise and vendors and sponsors of such
  • Signs, banners or other marketing material
  • Moving or changing any field/park equipment
  • Creating marks on the field to mark goalkeepers posts
  • The fastening of temporary structures to the ground

Competition games are not allowed. Team practices on fields/parks are allowed only with:

  • Prior reservation made by a homeowner in good standing
  • Signed reservation agreement, proof of proper insurance, and signed waivers by players and coaches, where appropriate

Reserved group functions/practices have priority use.

Teams must clear fields immediately following their scheduled use.

Organized league teams must comply with Richwoods HOA requirements.