Pool Rules

All children in the pool must have adult supervision. Adults should not swim alone.

No running, no pushing, no diving or rough play permitted in the pool area.

Diapers are not permitted in the pool or pool area. Swimwear should be worn at all times.

No person shall bring or throw any object into the pool, walkways, aisles, or locker rooms that may in any way endanger the safety of others.

Glass or other hazardous objects are not permitted within the pool area or the bathroom facilities.

Pool will close during severe or dangerous weather.

No consumption of food, beverages, or tobacco products allowed in pool.

Alcohol is NOT permitted in the pool or pool area.

No pets allowed in pool or pool area, except for service animals.

No spitting, spouting water, or bodily fluids allowed in pool.

People with open wounds or infectious diseases or thought to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs are not permitted to enter the pool.

No abusive speech, loud music, or excessive noise in pool area.

Management is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Management is not responsible for accidents or injuries and reserves the right to deny use of pool to anyone at any time.