School Access Information

  1. Talley Elementary
  2. Lawler Middle

Access to dropping off or picking up students will be through the north gate along Celtic. The association wishes to keep traffic flowing. Parents will only be able to turn right in to the gate. No left turns will be permitted. Therefore, plan to travel south towards the school. No access will be granted traveling north. When exiting the school, all cars must turn right.

The city and the association have determined the area along Celtic Road behind Talley Elementary School is not safe for students to be picked up or dropped off. Therefore, there will be no dropping off or picking up students along the ring road within Richwoods. The association has marked the area as No Parking, Stopping, or Standing. Patrol will be moving cars along and the Frisco Police will be able to ticket those disobeying the signage.

Talley Pick Up and Drop off Map