Dwelling Live Control Access

In 2019, the association is transitioning to a system that can manage both gate access and guest access. Dwelling Live is a software used by gated communities throughout North Texas. Once installed, you can continue to use your toll tag for entry access. Granting guest access will be easier, available online and via an app, with authorized entry through additional gates.

Submit your information using the links at the bottom of this page. You may:

  • Download the PDF form, complete it and either e-mail the paperwork to Lisa Fitzgerald or bring it into the office.
  • Select the link to the online form. if you want a copy, make sure to select the box requesting a copy of the e-mail. Otherwise, the confirmation page will follow, but an e-mail will not be sent to you.

IMPORTANT: With the form, you need to submit some sort of proof that ties your vehicle to your Richwoods home address (i.e. vehicle registration, insurance card, etc.). For the online form, you may submit photo images of the vehicle registration.